The Your Harrogate Village of the Month with Kettlewell Fuels

Throughout September we’re celebrating everything that’s great about Great Ouseburn – the people, the places and even the playground!

Go to to see everything that’s happening in Great Ouseburn and to help us give something back to the community – and you can tell us what’s great about your village too!

It’s all thanks to Kettlewell Fuels – proud to be a part of village life in North Yorkshire

Kettlewell Fuels is an active supporter of the community in which it operates and as lockdown eases, this is even more important. 

Helping our villages enjoy the summer, Kettlewell Fuels is donating some fantastic locally produced products from family-run companies – all selected to benefit each ‘Village of the Month’. 

Beautifully hand produced wood products from Jobling’s, a timber retrieval and forestry care company, and a lovely range of trees and shrubs from F. Tate & Sons(Larkhill Nurseries) have been sourced. 

You can choose from a community bench, a selection of forever trees and shrubs to bird boxes and tables to encourage wildlife. 

This Month’s Village of the Month goes to…

Great Ouseburn

We’d like to give something back to the community in Great Ouseburn.
Vote by clicking on the picture of the item you’d like to choose
The actual products and plants may differ from those shown here.

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