Children across the area returned to school at the beginning of last month, with schools required to introduce a number of safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

But how have they settled back into their usual school routines?

We went along to Coppice Valley Primary School in Harrogate to hear from Headteacher Mrs Emma Meadus about how smooth the return has been:

Safety measures at Coppice Valley Primary School

Mrs Meadus also spoke about what measures Coppice Valley Primary School have had to introduce due to Covid-19:

“We’re really lucky that our roomy classrooms, building layout and large outdoor space make social distancing not as hard for us.

“We’re not able to meet together as a school in our hall yet for assembly or lunch, but it’s been good having lunches in our classrooms, and virtual assemblies via Zoom are always lots of fun.

“Some of the changes we’ve made are going to stay too, like letting the children play outside in the garden at the front of the school and buying Coppice teddy bears for our new reception children to welcome them to the school!”

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