This week’s School of the Week is Woodfield Community Primary School, and we wanted to know what makes it such an enjoyable school to go to?

And to answer such an important question, who better to ask than the students themselves?

We found out from the school’s team captains Maddy, Marianne, Summer and Maisie, about what changes to the school they’ve noticed and their favourite things about Woodfield…

Woodfield Primary captains

Summer, Marianne, Maisie and Maddy are team captains at Woodfield Community Primary School!

What changes has your school made due to Covid-19?


“Tables are set up differently, they have L-shapes with 2 on each side so we’re not facing each other. Playtimes and lunchtimes are mixed so the classes don’t mix, we stay in our bubbles. When we have PE we come in our PE kits so we don’t have to get changed. We wash our hands whenever we come in from outside, playtime, breaks…”


“We have to stay apart, we can’t touch each other. If we have any symptoms we have to stay home off school.”

What’s your favourite thing about Woodfield?


“The new ICT suite, lessons on the computers which make it more exciting, especially wearing the headsets! Now Press Play is the favourite thing though. I like coming here, I moved back to Woodfield because I really like it.”


“I like Woodfield because everyone has a lot of friends. The teachers are doing all they can to keep the children safe. Lessons are fun – listening to how we need to do work, then I can do it at home too.”

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