Name: Western Primary School
Location: Harrogate
Headteacher: Mr Tim Broad

At Western, we aim to develop kind, ambitious, curious, confident and successful young people who are excited about their futures.

Western’s ethos is centered around it’s children and community. Together, this community has built and maintains, an open, nurturing and inclusive environment where children can take advantage of exciting and engaging learning experiences in an atmosphere of trust, belonging and happiness.

The Western community is one which embraces innovation and risk-taking in order to be at the forefront of the evolving educational landscape.

Our community recognises and respects that all children are different and, whilst we understand the importance of achievement in the core curriculum subjects, we also recognise excellence in expressive and performing arts, sport and the use of technology as well as the importance of healthy minds and bodies.

Apple Distinguished School

Western are proud to have been accredited as an Apple Distinguished School and our children use i-pads to enhance their day-to-day learning.

As a school we use our technology to inspire curiosity and creativity.

Environment and Outdoors

We regularly use the Valley Gardens and our local area to inspire learning and foster a love of nature and the environment.

Our Western Eco Warriers are working hard to raise awareness of environmental issues.

We value giving our children experiences in the wider world and our curriculum offers lots of opportunities for trips and visitors.

Early Years

We offer excellent provision for children in the Early Years from the age of two. Our Early Years children learn through play and are supported by our skilled staff.

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