Name: Oatlands Infant School
Location: Harrogate
Headteacher: Mrs Zoe Anderson

Welcome to Oatlands Infant School! We are a large, friendly infant school at the heart of the Hookstone community in Harrogate. 

At Oatlands Infant School we are passionate about early childhood development and the importance of fostering a life-long love of learning in young children.

We want every one of our pupils to achieve their very best and to flourish into confident, inquisitive and articulate learners, while developing resilience and tolerance. 

Most importantly, we want our children to feel happy and safe.

At Oatlands Infant School we have worked very hard to design a curriculum that motivates, excites and inspires our children.

One way of achieving this is through our many popular themed days. 

One firm favourite among the children is Victorian Day, which celebrates the heritage of our beautiful Victorian school.

Children and staff come to school in Victorian dress and enjoy a variety of activities including a Victorian lesson complete with ink and quills, time ‘downstairs’ using the wash tub and dolly, brass polishing and shoe shining before exploring and playing with traditional Victorian toys.

We even manage to fit in a Victorian drill P.E. lesson! 

Another favourite is the weekly English ‘experience lesson’ that helps to generate vocabulary and ideas for writing.

Some popular examples include a visit from an orthopaedic surgeon during our ‘Funny Bones’ unit (we especially loved it when he bandaged some of us up!) and when the giant from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ stomped through the Reception classrooms, causing quite a mess!

At Oatlands Infant School, wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do.

Through our Jigsaw programme of mindful P.S.H.E. teaching, we equip our children with the life skills to independently manage their mental and physical health.

In addition to their weekly Jigsaw lessons our children enjoy exhilarating P.E. lessons, peaceful yoga sessions and energetic playtimes which all contribute to their overall health.

Every day at Oatlands Infant School is exciting, motivating and helps our children to develop into the happy learners you see!

But don’t take our word for it, here are some of the things our current Year 2 children have to say:

“I love Oatlands Infant School because I learn about everything and that makes my brain grow big.” – Omar (Koalas class)

“I love school because everyone is nice, kind, gentle and helpful.” – Emma (Penguins)

“I love Oatlands Infant School because I have friends, I feel safe and I do fun things.”- Sophia (Giraffes)

Please visit our website for further information about our lovely school:

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