Name: Killinghall C.E. Primary School
Location: Harrogate
Headteacher: Mrs Bassitt

About Killinghall Primary

Our school is a central part of the Killinghall community, with positive links to our church. Parents and children describe us as ‘one big happy family’. Our ethos is one of support and care for all, and this is lived out each day through our values. We provide children with learning opportunities that create positive memories and develop resilience and self-belief.

What’s new at the school? 

Over the last three years we have had considerable expansion of the school due to increasing pupil numbers. We have moved from a four mixed age class set up to single form entry, now with 172 happy and enthusiastic children. The final part of our expansion will be completed soon with a purpose built year 6 classroom and Key Stage 2 library.

What changes have you had to make due to Covid-19?

  • The biggest change is our ‘bubbles’ to limit children mixing. These seem very strange in our school as normally younger children are regularly supported by older children through the ‘buddy and play leader system’. Zoom collective worship means that the children do still see each other and love to wave goodbye at the end.
  • Hand washing takes a lot of time but the staff and children have now got into the routine.
  • The children quite like following the arrows and stopping on the footprint signs. We have a little joke in school that we do the ‘covid shuffle’ (a new dance move) to ensure that we all keep our distance and step apart.