Name: Highfield Prep School
Location: Harrogate
Headteacher: Mr James Savile

Highfield Prep School has been one of Harrogate’s leading prep school for 20 years.

The school, at the heart of the Harrogate Ladies’ College family, has a simple philosophy – every day we celebrate the different stages of a child’s development through nurture, care and a love of learning.

The independent school for boys and girls aged between 2 – 11 years is there for every step a child takes on their journey into later life.

From the very first day, we aim to make school life happy, exciting and inspiring.

We nurture their talents in and outside the classroom so they fulfil their potential, and we know and understand every single child as an individual.

Our class sizes are small, learning is tailored to each child and we give our children the confidence to be who are they both now and as they head towards senior school.

These early precious years are a time for discovery and development and we bring learning to life through our creative curriculum, fantastic facilities and specialist teachers.

We offer everything from French, Music and Drama to swimming lessons and we even have an outdoor classroom and new pond inspired by one of our pupils.

While academic excellence is at the heart of what we do, our pupils love to learn outside on school trips, days out and they even have the opportunity to visit our link school in Uganda.

Most of all, our children develop the confidence and self-reliance to know who they are and we give them the foundations to become articulate, independent thinkers with a zest for learning and a zeal for life.

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