Name: Brackenfield School
Location: Harrogate
Headteacher: Mr J Masterson

About Brackenfield

Founded in 1977, Brackenfield has been Harrogate’s Prep school for over 40 years. Margie Sutcliffe, the founding head, established a family ethos at Brackenfield that now lives on in perpetuity.

More than anything else, children are happy and cared for; we are an extended family.

Curriculum and Learning, Activities, Outdoor Learning and Community are the four areas of a powerful mission we use to focus our children’s achievements.

Our actions behaviours and attitudes are underpinned by the core values of Kindness, Honesty, Respect, Confidence, Initiative and Perseverance.

As a result, children are not only academically able, they are confident and caring individuals who become proud ambassadors for their school and their community.

Brackenfield Nursery

Children are welcomed into Brackenfield Nursery from 2 years old.

In addition to our two inviting classrooms, our newly renovated nursery outdoor learning and play area is a great way for the children to explore the world around them and to extend and deepen their learning indoors… but it’s also lots of fun!

We created this bright engaging space with children in mind and incorporated our Brackenfield flair with natural materials whenever possible.

Transition from Nursery to Prep School

We prepare for nursery children’s transition to our main school early in Summer term to make the process as seamless as possible, for both children and their families.

Children are introduced to their new class teacher in their familiar environment with storytime sessions.

Alongside visits to their new reception class and moving up days, this creates a comfortable and exciting experience for the children before their return in September.

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