A survey has found the Yorkshire accent to be the ‘best accent’ for customer service in the UK.

The research from Moneypenny looked at what different accents can be used to motivate, encourage or provide customer service to greater effect in the workplace.

1,000 office workers were quizzed on their opinions towards different accents.

And the Yorkshire accent came out on top for customer service and in 2nd for ‘most motivating’ accent in the UK.

The research said:

“According to the survey results, the best accent for providing customer service is the Yorkshire accent with 17% of the vote.

“However, Yorkshire just about topped this one with Geordie and Southern Irish right behind with 16% each.”

The research has admitted a “slight bias” with results often skewed in the favour of those areas voting for them. In short, a lot of workplaces voted for their own accent.

But when it came to the ‘most motivating’, the vast majority voted that there is no accent to be the best at motivating (37%).

However, for the votes towards specific accents, Geordie topped the charts with 9%, whilst Yorkshire came in second with 8% of the vote.

The accents that were listed in the survey were Liverpudlian, Brummie, Glaswegian, Geordie, Northern Irish, Mancunian, Eastender, Welsh, Edinburgh, West country (excluding Bristolian), Bristolian, Norfolk, Yorkshire, and Southern Irish.

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