Politics students at St Aidan’s & St John Fisher Associated Sixth Form in Harrogate were invited to speak and ask questions on BBC’s ‘Americast’ podcast over the weekend.

Year 13 students Hannah Reinsch and Pippa Linden Howe wrote in to the show, which is hosted by BBC Presenters Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel, with questions they thought would help them with their A-level studies.

And both Pippa and Hannah, along with their teacher Miss Reynard, were invited onto the show as part of the ‘Americanswer’ feature.


Pippa and Hannah were able to ask questions of the hosts, including “does Joe Biden’s presidency mean better or worse relations between the US and the UK?” and “is Biden’s goal of unity achievable?”

And the pair were delighted to have been invited to appear on the Americast. Pippa said:

“I don’t want to be too cringey but it’s been a bit of a dream come true and feels a bit surreal!”

Speaking on the podcast, Miss Reynard, who encouraged both Pippa and Hannah to write in to the show, said:

“I’m a podcast addict, I constantly listen to them, and back when Americast first started, we as a class have gone through the campaigns, to the primary elections, to Election Day with you.

“We knew from the start that this podcast was going to be a really useful tool to bring American politics to life. Occasionally when I’m marking essays I read bits of analysis that I’ve definitely heard before!”

The episode, titled ‘We Need to Talk about Kevin’, was centred around the US election and Kevin McCarthy’s trip to Mar-a-Lago to visit former president Donald Trump.

Listen to the full episode, featuring Pippa, Hannah and Miss Reynard, here.

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