That day of the year we all yearn for is almost upon us – the clocks are about go back and we’ll be getting an extra hour in bed!

At 2am on Sunday (25th October) the British summer time (BST) comes to an end, meaning the country will put clocks back an hour to 1am to observe Greenwich mean time (GMT).

It means we’ll all be getting an extra hour in bed, before Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) resumes and the clocks go forward again on the last Sunday in March, 2021.

Clocks are going back one hour

It’s that day we’ve all been waiting for – and it means an extra hour in bed!

To avoid confusion, some people use the phrase “spring forward in spring, fall back in fall” to remember when they go backwards and forwards.

Luckily, when the clocks change, most smart devices that are connected to the internet (tablets, iPhones etc.) will update the time automatically – but don’t forget to change the other clocks around the house!

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