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Rossett Acre Primary School in Harrogate have dug up their time capsule to celebrate the school’s 50th birthday.

Ex-pupils and staff members were in attendance as they dug up and opened the capsule planted in 1996.

The box contained old photos, a school jumper sporting the previous crest and old pennies along with other memorabilia.

Headteacher Mrs Penhale said:

“It wasn’t quite what we were expecting! We were expecting some pristine items inside, but although it was buried underneath concrete, a lot of water had got in there.

“There were a lot of muddy things but we had a floppy disk, some photographs, some prospectus and an old curriculum!

“It was a brilliant turnout and were so pleased we had some past students join us. It’s been fantastic.”

Also in attendance was Sandra Jowett, the Headteacher who planted the time capsule in 1996.

She said:

“It’s really weird being here after 25 years but it’s a beautiful occasion.

“I can remember thinking when it was put underground 25 years ago that I hope I’m still here to see it unearthed, so it’s great to be here.”

Watch the moment Mrs Penhale opened the time capsule in front of current and former pupils and staff:

The school are planning to re-bury the time capsule with new items to be dug up again in another 25 years’ time.

Mrs Penhale added:

“We’re going to bury another time capsule this year, so we’ve put out a message to parents to think about what we can put in it this time.

“We’ll have to think about how we wrap it though so things can come out in 25 years not covered in mud!”

It was a double celebration for the school as they also opened their brand new all-weather multi-sports pitch.

Leeds United midfielder Stuart Dallas, a friend of the school, and Harrogate Town Manager Simon Weaver cut the rope for the big unveiling.

Leeds United footballer Stuart Dallas and Harrogate Town Manager Simon Weaver unveil the new sports pitch at Rossett Acre.

Headteacher Mrs Penhale said:

“We’ve been raising money and waiting a long time for the multi-sports pitch and it was eventually built over the summer.

“It was £50,000 and our wonderful PTA raised half of that. It’s great that we’ve now had it built.”

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