Two-thirds of UK people will take the Covid-19 vaccine when it is available to them, according to new research.

The poll, conducted by Harrogate-based specialist survey provider YourPoll, showed that 67% of people would take up the new vaccine.

Just 26% said they did not want to be vaccinated, with the rest saying they were undecided. The company’s snap QuickPoll was carried out in the three days prior to the first vaccination being given in the UK on December 8th.

YourPoll managing director Neil Addley said:

“There has been a lot of debate about whether people would be willing to take the new vaccine over recent weeks.

“Our QuickPoll was designed to show the true feelings of ordinary members of the public, rather than those who shout loudest on social and traditional media. It’s interesting that the majority said they were happy to take it, with just a quarter indicating they would decline.

“As the vaccine is rolled out to more of the population, it will be interesting to see whether those results are reflected in the real take-up numbers.”

The poll was conducted on a randomised sample of UK residents, with 439 people taking part.

As well as the key question, “Will you be taking the Covid-19 vaccine?”, participants were given the chance to explain their reasoning.

Most of those saying they would decline indicated that they felt further testing was needed before they could be confident it was safe. The poll was completed prior to reports of two NHS staff suffering allergic reactions to the vaccine last week.

Neil added:

“The responses are very revealing about how effective the reassurances from the government and scientists have been.

“This is a great start but there is clearly some way to go before everyone feels confident that the vaccine is safe. Politicians and experts would do well to listen to the feedback from the public if they want to maximise take-up as the vaccine is rolled out.”

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