Slingsby Gin has launched its celebrity ‘Golf Academy’ to encourage more women to take to the course this summer.

As sponsors of the BMW PGA Championship, Slingsby’ have inducted singer-songwriter Fleur East, TV presenter Helen Skelton, Sky Sports Formula 1 presenter Natalie Pinkham and broadcaster Bela Shah into their Golf Academy.

And through the Slingsby Golf Academy the four new star cadets will partner up with a PGA Professional to learn how to play golf before competing against each other to qualify for the BMW PGA Championship Celebrity Pro-Am.

Slingsby Golf Academy Cadets Helen Skelton, Fleur East, Bela Shah and Natalie Pinkham.

Slingsby are aiming to use the Golf Academy to champion female participation in the BMW PGA Championship Pro-Am, highlighting that golf is a game for anyone and influencing a non-traditional golf audience to pick up a club.

Marcus Black, co-founder of Slingsby Gin, said:

“We’re so pleased to have these four inspirational and influential women as part of our inaugural Academy. The enthusiasm and competitiveness Fleur, Helen, Natalie and Bela have shown already, despite the courses being closed, has been incredible.

“With their involvement in this campaign, we can let women know that golf is a sport that can be built into busy life schedules allowing you to be active and enjoy socialising with friends at the same time. Despite how you might hit it on the range or course, we know a G&T together after in the bar is the perfect remedy!”

When asked about her involvement in the academy, Fleur East said:

“I like to be able to be able to inspire and create change, to be part of a movement. It’s really exciting to take on something new and be involved in something that’s bigger than me.

“I like to say I’m not competitive but the moment I’m faced with a challenge, something I can win, something I can compete in, then the fire is ignited within me!”

The cadets’ journey will be featured in a novice to competitor five-part series as they train to compete in the Pro-Am at the prestigious Wentworth Club on Wednesday 8th September, the day before the tournament tees off.

The winner of the play-off will also receive a £5,000 bonus cheque from Slingsby to donate to a charity of their choice.

Helen Skelton said:

“People assume that I’m good at sport but I’m not good – I just give it a good try. I’m quite competitive with myself and if I agree to do something, I’m going to give it my all and don’t want to lose.

“My dad has always tried to get me into golf but working away and with young kids, I never carved out time to do these things for myself. Now is my opportunity.”