The Your Harrogate Secret Sound is still perplexing listeners – so it’s time to reveal a second clue to help someone win that prize pot!

We launched the current sound in October, and for every wrong guess the prize pot has slowly increased.

And with £650 up for grabs – here’s your second clue…

You’re feeling fresh.

Has that helped? Does it fit in with your guess?

Our first clue was:

You’re getting warmer.

If you haven’t heard it yet, here’s the Secret Sound:

Here are some more wrong guesses for you:

  • Opening a box
  • Tennis balls being fired out of a machine
  • Letters posted through a door
  • Book falling off a side
  • Automatic paper stapler
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Opening up a roller blind
  • Can of pop in a vending machine
  • Shutting and locking a walk-in freezer
  • Old printing machine
  • Comb binding machine
  • Filing cabinet draw closing
  • Loading ink into a printer
  • Manual cash register
  • Window wiper scraping on ice on window
  • Old prison door lock
  • Safe door
  • Toaster lowering bread
  • Nick opening his wallet
  • Paper cutter (guillotine)
  • Micro suction for ear wax
  • Flicking through the yellow pages

Is your guess on here? If not then you could have the right answer!

Enter your guess and give us a few details here and you could be playing next…

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