Rudding Park will be the setting for a unique blindfolded dining experience to fundraise for Guide Dogs UK.

Organiser Kim Murphy is inviting people to her ‘Dine in the Dark‘ event – a multi-sensory evening in which they’ll eat their meal blindfolded.

The concept aims to offer an insight into how visually impaired Guide Dog owners experience life on a daily basis.

Visitors will also learn more about the work guide dogs do to support their owners and help them live “independent, fulfilled lives.”

Kim Murphy told Your Harrogate:

“It’s a fun way of enjoying a night out and a really nice three-course meal, but there’s also the element of the mystery course.

“Eating the main course blindfolded will highlight to people just how challenging everyday life can be for people with a visual impairment.

“Even eating a meal without dropping the peas or knocking a glass of wine over is quite a challenge and it’s just one part of your day when you’ve lost your sight.”

Kim Murphy and her guide dog Jango

Kim herself is registered blind after losing her sight suddenly seven years ago.

She said:

“In the space of two weeks I went from normal vision to being registered blind.

“It’s quite unusual and you can imagine how terrifying it is, but one of the worst things is you just feel and have lost your independence virtually overnight.

“I knew then that I wanted to apply for a guide dog but I didn’t even realise how much a guide dog would do for me.”

As guide dogs are provided by fundraised money, there is often a wait.

But after two years, Kim was finally paired with her guide dog Jango.

She said:

“When I got Jango, life changed completely for me. The main thing with a guide dog is you have the freedom to walk around safely again independently.

“We work as partners and he keeps me safe, but he also keeps me sane as well.

“He’s more than just a companion as a pet, we’re literally together 24/7. He’s just amazing.”

All funds raised by the Dine in the Dark event will be donated to the life-changing work at Guide Dogs UK.

The event will be held between 7:30pm and 11pm on Friday 27th May.

The three-course meal includes a smoke salmon starter, ‘mystery’ beef and risotto dishes as mains and sticky toffee pudding for dessert.

Book your place for the event here. If you have any queries in relation to the event, contact

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