Following the end of the second national lockdown, several businesses across the area have opened for the first time – but in such a precarious time, just how are they faring?

Le Petit Salon in Ripon is proof that bucking the trend and opening a new business during a pandemic is not always a bad idea!

The new shop, which was called Masham Beauty at their previous location, has opened on North Street in Ripon and has enjoyed a successful first week.

Owner Susan Barnett spoke about the response Le Petit Salon has had since opening on 2nd December:

“I had a salon previously so it’s not a completely brand new business, but its a new location and a new shop – and the response has been really good!

“We’ve had lots of new customers and people sticking their head in and calling up, it’s been a really good first week.”

Susan also spoke about her attitude towards running a business during the pandemic, including having to close her previous shop during the lockdown and facing uncertainty whether she would be able open again.

She added:

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a really stressful time wondering whether at the end of it all you’re going to have a business, but you have to be positive and do whatever you can to adapt.

“It was really just a case of this is it – you’ve either got to grab it by the horns and go for it or accept defeat and I wasn’t willing to give up just yet. It was do or die really and I wanted to throw everything at it, then at least if I go down then I go down fighting!”

To get booked in and help support new local businesses, find Le Petit Salon on North Street in Ripon, give them a call on 07718 273869 or find them on Facebook here.

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