North Yorkshire Police are preparing for a surge of visitors to the county as lockdown restrictions begin to ease.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation last night (Monday 22nd February) and outlined a roadmap for the easing of lockdown restrictions.

And North Yorkshire Police have said they are expecting another surge in visitors after easing of the first lockdown restrictions saw vast numbers pour into the county.

North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan told a meeting of the county’s Police, Fire and Crime Panel that the force had issued 830 fixed penalty notices to those breaching rules between January 6th and February 14th.

And with lockdown restrictions set to ease again, Mrs Mulligan told how senior officers are now focusing on efforts to manage the post-lockdown reaction.

Mrs Mulligan said the force, which has issued the fifth highest number of tickets in the country, still had “a considerable issue with visitors coming into the county” and that reasons given by the visitors ranged from wanting to see family and friends and boredom to travelling for exercise and to see the scenery.

She added:

“People are saying they’ve come for a takeaway when they’ve literally driven hundreds of miles for a takeaway they could have had at home.”

The commissioner added another challenge was with “lockdown fatigue”, with rising numbers of residents breaching the rules by holding parties at weekends.

She said:

“The combination of lockdown fatigue and the relaxation of the rules and the warming of the weather means we could face a considerable influx of visitors over the coming weeks.

“That’s something the police are thinking very carefully about. It really will test the will of the public to maintain the adherence to the current restrictions.”

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