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A Knaresborough cyclist has told how she was knocked from her bike by a motorist before the offender stole her phone to prevent her from taking photos.

Allison Darling shared her story on Twitter one week after the incident occurred on Saturday 4th September.

Speaking about a photo she’d posted earlier that day, Allison said:

“Just a few hours after I posted this I was knocked off my bike by a teenage driver.

“After hitting me from behind while I was stopped at a junction and catapulting me over the handlebars, he aggressively stole my phone so I couldn’t photo his number plate or the scene.

“If two other drivers hadn’t stopped (and also seen the phone theft) I’m certain he’d have driven off and left me alone in the road.

“To top it off @NYorksPolice (who were called by one of the witnesses) said they shouldn’t have been called, we should have ‘just swapped details.'”

Allison’s story has sparked debate on Twitter due to the response from the North Yorkshire Police officers who attended the incident.

She added:

“Being knocked off your bike and having your phone aggressively stolen doesn’t apparently constitute a crime and the driver was free to leave.

“A week later, this is something I still can’t get my head around @NYorksPolice.”

On advice from North Yorkshire Police officers and others on social media, Allison has contacted the police control team about the incident.

Your Harrogate has reached out to Allison for updates and will provide these in due course.

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