Military families have donated hundreds of Easter eggs in a bid to ensure every child in North Yorkshire receives a treat this Easter.

The 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, based in Catterick Garrison, has collected more than 400 chocolate eggs and other treats for children who might otherwise not receive an Easter treat.

The unit welfare office co-ordinated the collection, with families and local businesses donating the chocolates. They were handed over to the council last week and are now being distributed across the county.

The eggs will go to children receiving welfare support from the County Council’s Children’s Services.

Capt Lofty Simpson-Worboys, Unit Welfare Officer with 1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, said:

“When we arrived in Catterick Garrison we looked for more ways in which to help our new community and we thought collecting Easter eggs for children in need would be a great place to start.

“With the support of our military families and two local shops within the Garrison – Aldi and Poundland – we were able to collect more than 400 chocolate eggs and other confectionary.

“To our delight this means every child needing support from the local authority in North Yorkshire will receive a treat on Easter Sunday.”

“As the local family regiment we are always keen to support our community where we can, meeting new groups and individuals across the County opens up new relationships and opportunities for everyone in the future.

“We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to our request and to the children who receive the Easter eggs; we wish you a very happy Easter Sunday.”

Cllr Janet Sanderson, Executive Member for Children’s Services, said:

“We will distribute these Easter eggs to those children most in need who are receiving local authority support for different issues they are facing.

“We’d like to thank The Yorkshire Regiment’s army welfare unit for making sure every one of them will receive an Easter egg, as well as families and businesses in Catterick Garrison for their generosity.

“We are currently distributing the eggs across the county and know the children and young people will appreciate this gesture.”

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