We at Your Harrogate have teamed up with Kettlewell Fuels to bring you a ‘Village of the Month’ – and the winner for April is Melmerby!

Throughout the month we’re celebrating everything that’s great about the village, including the people, the places and even the playground.

Both Your Harrogate and Kettlewell Fuels are looking to give back to the village of Melmerby and other communities across the Harrogate area – and here’s your chance to get involved!

As an active supporter of the community in which it operates, Kettlewell Fuels is giving you the opportunity to donate some fantastic local products to benefit each ‘Village of the Month’.

Beautifully hand-produced wood products from Jobling’s, a timber retrieval and forestry care company, and a lovely range of trees and shrubs from F. Tate & Sons (Larkhill Nurseries) have been sourced – all you have to do is vote which one to donate to the village!

We’re also on the lookout for our next Village of the Month, so nominate your own village and you could feature next.

Go to yourharrogate.co.uk to see everything that’s happening in Melmerby and to help us give something back to the community – and you can tell us what’s great about your village too!

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