By Sam Schofield

“I would love to but I cant right now because…” – The war cry of the perfectionist, waiting for “the perfect time” to take action.

I want to show you today exactly why this mindset will destroy your chances of losing weight. Let’s take you back to the middle of last October: you decide now is the time to finally do something but the next day, November lockdown is announced.

– “Right thats OK, I’ll get started after that.”

Then after November you are busy with pre-Christmas and before you know it its the middle of December.

– “Thats OK, the new year is the perfect time to start.”

And, well, you know how that is going…

So by the time this lockdown ends, it’s going to be mid-February or maybe even March.

Thats OVER 1/4 OF A YEAR later – and you still haven’t technically started! More than likely through 2 lockdowns and Christmas you would have put on even more weight. Now what if you had just started way back in October?

– 2 weeks of gym training before the lock down – 4lbs lost
– November spent training online – 4lbs lost
– December training back in the gym but enjoyed Christmas – 0lbs lost
– January back to online training – only 2lbs lost this time

So by taking imperfect action and just doing something, this person would have lost 10lbs. So by the time everything reopens, one person has put on weight, doesn’t have good habits, fitness is worse and still no plan in place going forward. The other will have lost a good chunk of weight (how would you like to be 10lbs lighter right now) is dramatically fitter, has a solid platform to build on going forward and is set up for further success.

This idea isn’t rocket science! Imperfect action is far better than no action act all and small progress is better than backwards progress. Right now you are faced with exactly the same decision.

Do you wait until the gyms reopen? Or do you take imperfect action?

It’s your choice!

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