An organic food store selling a variety of fresh groceries is set to open in Harrogate tomorrow (Tuesday 24th November).

‘Joy’, which is located opposite Prologue Performance Cycling Shop on Cold Bath Road, will sell fresh produce and a range of pantry items without any single-use plastic.

The new shop aims to provide their range of products in a sustainable and ethically conscious way, meaning customers with food intolerances can find any items they need under the guarantee that they have been ethically sourced.

Joy, Harrogate

Joy will open on Cold Bath Road in Harrogate on Tuesday (24th November)

Nicola Mawdsley, who owns the store alongside her husband Simon Bollon, said ahead of the launch:

“Joy is an organic-focused store and will be the first in Harrogate. Sustainable, ethical and conscious are our key points.

“The whole idea behind Joy is good food made easy – my own experience having food intolerances is you have to go to a number of different stores when shopping, the ambition is that we’re going to bring that full range of food and make it really easy.”

Nicole also spoke about her desire for customers to receive a positive overall experience when shopping at Joy:

“Organic food isn’t readily available in Harrogate unless you order a vegetable box or something similar, but we want to build a really positive shopping experience for people.

“We want to do things differently and the ambition is to prove that we can be organic and sustainable without the plastic packaging.”

Find Joy online, on Facebook and Instagram, or head to the store on Cold Bath Road in Harrogate to see their full range of organic and plastic-free products.

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