A care home in Harrogate has praised the ongoing vaccination programme and the positive impact it has had on the outlook for residents.

The Granby Care Home in Harrogate were quick to ensure their residents received their first vaccination and are waiting on dates for the second dose.

And Michelle Poole, Home Manager at The Granby, has praised the reassurance the vaccination programme has provided.

Michelle said:

“It’s had a real positive impact on the team and we all feel a little bit more reassured now. The vaccine programme is ongoing and we’re just waiting on dates for the second dose.

“We all feel more positive and the world is a bit nicer at the moment, because we know if we do get the dreaded virus that we won’t be as ill as we would’ve been.”

The Granby care home, located on Granby Road in Harrogate, were also visited by North Yorkshire County Council to ensure the home met safety requirements around Covid.

Michelle added:

“I implemented additional cleaning from the off and we had a visit from North Yorkshire County Council purely around Covid-19 protocols. Their report confirmed that there’s really good practice at The Granby, so I’m really happy with that!”

The Granby have used the “Magic Memories” app to ensure residents remain positive, engaged and have the opportunity to communicate with loved ones.

Michelle also praised the work of the care home’s activities team in keeping spirits high:

“Our activity team have been absolutely fabulous in organising Zoom calls, we’ve had window visits, we do some internal visits for people at end of life – we’ve just followed the guidelines to accommodate residents and their families as best we could.

“I think we’ve done an amazing job and I’m really proud of our team here. The team have really got close to the residents, making sure they go in and talk to them regularly, our activity team have put on plenty of amazing activities and embraced everyone in those.

“We know it’s really difficult for them not seeing their loved ones but we’ve done our best to keep their spirits up and keeping them happy.”

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