A Harrogate resident has launched a fundraising garden display to raise money for DEC’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

Paul Ivison, who lives on the corner of Mayfield Grove and Mayfield Terrace, hosts a garden display each year to raise money for worthwhile causes.

And this year he has chosen the theme of ‘We stand with Ukraine.’

The garden features almost 300 toys, seven water features, sweets, flags and ribbons which are all for sale.

Paul told Your Harrogate:

“I’ve done the garden up in the Ukrainian colours of yellow and blue, and we also have a tribute in the corner to Poland for the work they’ve done in housing refugees.

“We’ve also got coloured water fountains in red, yellow and blue and we’ve got nearly 300 toys, including a lot of Star Wars toys which are very appropriate at the moment.

“Everything is for sale. We just want people to stop and have a look but also come into the garden. People are fascinated by the range and different types of toys.”

Paul Ivison’s garden display is raising money for Ukraine.

The display took three months to prepare as Paul painted his garden and positioned his various toy collections.

Neighbours are familiar with his garden fundraisers, with a new theme chosen every year.

Last year he chosen to support ‘Let’s talk mental health’ whilst the year before was centred around plastics, the ocean and climate change.

Paul said:

“I choose a different theme every year and I do get neighbours asking what I’m going to do next.

“I get people from all over Harrogate that came last year and want to see what we’re doing this year.

“I have a little sign that says ‘stop and smile’  because that’s what I want to do, not just for children but for adults as well.”

Paul’s garden can be found on the corner of Mayfield Grove and Mayfield Terrace.

To support Paul’s cause – the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – visit his garden and donate in person with cash or card, or find his JustGiving page here.

LISTEN: Your Harrogate’s Ben Groom visited Paul Ivison in Harrogate to talk about this year’s garden display:

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