A Harrogate community group for mums has launched an appeal for prom dresses and suits to help struggling families.

Mums2Mums are asking for donations of used dresses and suits for people that cannot afford to buy new for their child ahead of prom season.

The group, which was launched in 2012, was created to allow mums to share advice, local offers and to sell/buy baby and child-related items.

Mary Beggs-Reid, a founder of the group, is behind the prom appeal.

She told Your Harrogate:

“It’s been a hard financial year for everybody and I know from my daughter that there a plenty of boys and girls that are struggling to get hold of prom dresses or suits.

“I just wanted to put a thread out on Mums2Mums to ask if anyone would like to donate free of charge a prom dress or a suit – and feel like a fairy godmother for the night and help a child have an amazing evening.”

She added:

“These children have been through so much and it’s so sad to see that some families are worried and have added pressure that they might not be able to go to prom because they can’t afford the dress.

“If we can help people to have a great evening that would be wonderful.”

People who are able to donate prom dresses or suits are asked to do so via the Mums2Mum group or through Harrogate Mumbler.

Those who are struggling and would be interested in taking one of the listed items is then asked to comment or to get in touch with the seller.

Mary said:

“Just comment or private message the seller if you want to be anonymous. It’s nothing to be ashamed about – everyone’s struggling because prices for everything have gone up.

“It’s just to alleviate that pressure and I’m sure the Harrogate community and the surrounding areas really want to support this and help these kids that have missed out on so much.”

Find the Mums2Mum group online or on Facebook here.

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