A couple from Harrogate have generously offered to cook and deliver Christmas meals to the elderly, vulnerable or anyone living alone in Harrogate and the surrounding areas.

Lucy Cockburn and her partner Paul would only be cooking dinner for two on Christmas Day this year, but wanted to offer their help to those who may be alone or without a meal on 25th December.

Having recently purchased and renovated a caravan for their catering business, the pair from Hampsthwaite have the facilities and are keen to put them to use to ensure there are no local people who go without a Christmas dinner.

Lucy and Paul have put together a menu consisting of turkey or beef and all the usual trimmings, including pigs in blankets, parsnips and brussel sprouts!

Having only just put out the appeal for people to come forward, Lucy explained who they had in mind when deciding to help others and spoke of the response so far:

“We had an image in our heads of maybe an elderly lady who isn’t able to go to her friends or relatives and probably isn’t going to cook a Christmas dinner for herself this year and wanted to help.

“We haven’t had a lot of response just yet which is slightly disappointing, but it’s also nice to think that maybe there aren’t that many people needing it!”

Lucy has also been offered financial donations to help the project, but wants to get an idea of numbers before accepting:

“We’ve had some people ask for bank details and offering to send money, but we just want to see how many people want to get involved before taking any donations.

“We’ve got some people who can help out if need be – we just want to help as many as we possibly can!”

Those who would like to get involved are encouraged to contact Lucy on 01423 579522 or 07368 158568, or email lu123@hotmail.co.uk.

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