• Grove Road Primary School are appealing for books as they look to diversify their school library.
  • The school have posted a book wishlist on UK bookstore ‘Bookwagon’ and are encouraging donations.
  • It’s all ahead of World Book Day on Thursday 4th March 2021.

Grove Road Primary School in Harrogate are appealing for book donations as they bid to diversify their school library ahead of World Book Day next week.

The school are aiming to “revolutionise the school reading diet” and allow their library to better reflect Grove Road’s diversity, and have posted a book wishlist using UK bookstore ‘Bookwagon.’

So far they’ve received around 40 donations but are aiming to get to at least 100 before World Book Day on Thursday 4th March.

Grove Road Assistant Headteacher Christopher Harrison has been spearheading the campaign and hopes to build a “more colourful, diverse” library for the school’s children.

The full list of books, available to buy via Bookwagon UK, can be found via Mr Harrison’s tweet:

Those looking to support Grove Road Primary School will need to contact Bookwagon UK via email (info@bookwagon.co.uk) who will then send out the wishlists in full, with books already donated indicated by ticks.

Independent children’s booksellers Bookwagon UK have agreed to discount the cost of the books to anyone who donates, excluding delivery.

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