UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has officially introduced a three-tier system of ‘local covid alert levels’ to come into place across England.

Areas will be placed into one of three tiers based on their postcode, with North Yorkshire set to be placed in ‘Tier 1: Medium’.

This tier indicates that the ‘Rule of 6’ will still apply indoors and outdoors, whilst Hospitality can remain open but must still close at 10pm.

closed sign

Pubs and bars in areas considered to have ‘very high’ levels of Covid-19 will be forced to close.

The three tiers and their restrictions are as follows:

Tier 1: Medium

  • Current national measures apply
  • Rule of six applies indoors and outdoors
  • Closure of hospitality venues at 10pm

Tier 2: High

  • Household mixing banned indoors
  • Rule of six applies outdoors
  • Most restricted areas now enter this tier

Tier 3: Very High

  • Social mixing is banned indoors and outdoors
  • Pubs and bars to be closed in these areas
  • Retail, schools and universities remain open

Boris Johnson has said that the new system will simplify the ‘confusing’ lockdown rules.

The government are also set to introduce a ‘postcode’ search online that allows people to see which tier their area will fall into.

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