2020 has been a tough year for us all, but in the face of adversity, so many people across the Harrogate District have stepped up and gone the extra mile to become ‘Lockdown Heroes’.

Whether they are a hero through their job, perhaps as a nurse or emergency worker, or if they’ve simply gone above and beyond to support their family, work colleagues or community, we’re about to give them the thanks that they never ask for.

Our competition will give one ‘Lockdown Hero’ the luxury experience of a lifetime at the stunning Grantley Hall, and works through you nominating someone deserving.

And as the hunt goes on – we take a closer look at a few nominations so far and shine a light on some heroes in our community:

Mark Bulmer – Teacher at Rossett School

Mark has been nominated for his ‘tireless’ work throughout lockdown, teaching his students and ensuring they receive their education, whilst also reassuring parents that their kids are still getting the full attention they need.

Mr Bulmer was also set to get married to his partner Nicole in August, but the ceremony was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The nomination reads:

“Mark has so much drive and inspiration for his job. He adores the kids and is a brilliant teacher, so I’m nominating Mark Bulmer.”

Charlie Davison – Police Officer and Mum of two

Charlie has been nominated for her endless and selfless work throughout lockdown, which doesn’t stop when she takes off her police uniform or when her two kids have gone to bed.

Charlie is on the local school PTA, whilst also heading the estate committee to improve the local area, which saw her raise over £8,900 during lockdown to improve the children’s play park!

The person who has nominated Charlie thinks she might get in trouble for doing so:

“Lockdown hasn’t stopped Charlie’s efforts, in fact she has worked even harder to continue to support our estate in these difficult times. She is also very humble and modest, so will absolutely hate that someone has nominated her! But she does deserve it.”

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Posted by Your Harrogate on Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Lisa Dallas – High Street TV, Harrogate

Lisa is the Head of HR at Harrogate’s High Street TV, yet has spent her time in lockdown caring for around 100 people who would normally be working together in the office.

Through regular calls, deliveries, setting up fitness classes and yoga online, and even starting a mental health helpline for those who were struggling, Lisa really did go ‘above and beyond’.

Her nominator writes:

“Nothing was too much for Lisa, everything from arranging a back support for your dining chair at home, to sending out hand -sanitizers and masks to keep us all safe and feeling very much still like a big working family whilst out of the office. We could not have got through it without her, she is a star!”

Grant Dorward

Grant works as the driver for a school bus, transporting people with special needs to schools across Harrogate.

He has worked ‘tirelessly’ during the pandemic, making sure the students get to school, whilst also transporting a small elderly group daily from outlying villages to the centre of Harrogate.

Grant’s work hasn’t got unnoticed from his nominator:

“Grant plays a huge part in so many people’s lives. I think he would really appreciate this wonderful treat.”


Nominate your ‘lockdown hero’ from across the Harrogate District.

Kate Horner-Ashworth

Kate Horner-Ashworth has been nominated for her extraordinary effort during lockdown that saw her raise £2,000 for the Friends of Harrogate Hospital charity, whilst also working as a full-time mum.

Kate was often up until ‘the early hours of the morning’ making NHS Rainbow stickers, VE Day stickers and buntings, face masks and more recently Halloween decorations, all to deliver to Harrogate and raise much-needed funds for her local NHS Hospital.

She is also a mum to two young children, and was tasked with juggling home-schooling her kids whilst carrying out her fantastic fundraising!

“I think with over 6 months working to raise much needed funds for our local NHS hospital, Kate would be greatly appreciative of a fully deserved break. She is a real local hero.”

The hunt for the ultimate ‘Lockdown Hero’ and the winner of a treat at Grantley Hall is still on, so make sure you nominate your own hero here.

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