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Introducing: Nicola Lampkin
Company name: Otterbeck Distillery
Company website:  https://www.otterbeckdistillery.co.uk/
Social Media: Facebook: @Otterbeckdistillery.co.uk, Twitter: @OtterbeckD, Instagram: OtterbeckDistillery

As they launch their new Strawberry & Peppercorn Gin, we caught up with Nicola Lampkin, one of the founders and Director of Otterbeck Distillery in Skipton, to hear more about where you can buy their Cotton Gin and how their first year has gone…

When was the company founded and how has it grown?

The concept of Otterbeck Distillery came from three friends who love gin and in 2019 decided to launch their own. Finally by 2020, with the support from another friend who had run his own brewery in Ilkley, we established our brand and had our handmade still ‘Eliza’ shipped over from Germany.

Completely based around our location in what was an old cotton mill and near a local beck, Otterbeck Cotton Gin was born, and we were finally able to open our doors at the end of the first lockdown on 6th July last year.

Why do you stand out from your competition?

First of all our distinctive branding with hand sketched flowers by myself, it all looks different and unique. Our location in a cotton mill, hence the name ‘Cotton Gin,’ also sets us apart with the history surrounding the building and the fact we named the Still after the original mill owners wife ‘Sarah Eliza’.

Eliza itself having a specific configuration and aroma chamber that creates a smooth, clean, creamy taste. We have combined the best of everything.

How has Covid affected your business and how did you cope?

Whereas we had planned to launch the gin by travelling around festivals and trade shows, visiting hotels and exclusive restaurants – covid put all that on hold.

We were forced to focus on online sales and social media, that worked well for us and we have now sold nearly 20,000 bottles of gin in our first year of trading.

Nicola Lampkin, Otterbeck Distillery

Who would you most like to have a drink with and why?

I would love to have a drink with the character Carrie Bradshaw, from ‘Sex & the City’.  Such an independent woman, following her heart, with great creativity and style.

What advice would you give the next generation starting their careers?

I would advise them to do what they love, there is something out there for everyone and we all have our own brilliance.

You work for so many years there is no point being miserable – and always remember you can change your career. I have gone from being a primary school teacher to launching my own gin!

Why do you like doing business in Yorkshire?

It is my home county, everyone is welcoming and friendly. One thing lockdown showed is was how lucky we are to be based in Yorkshire with the amazing landscape and scenery.

We have also been welcomed in what is already a saturated market by other local businesses and distilleries, which is brilliant.

What would be your favourite night in?

I love cooking, I find it very relaxing so a home cooked meal with my family. There’s nothing better than on a Friday evening sat outside with a G&T then dinner and taking in the view.

Name your favourite local business and explain what makes them special.

There are so many amazing local businesses, this is a hard one to answer. We have Hesper yogurt literally next door, who are such an inspiration launching a natural additive free product and successfully selling it through Booths, Fodder and Waitrose to name a few.

The Wright Wine company in Skipton are also a brilliant company and have been a huge support to us with great advice from the start. A fabulous county with so many to choose from.

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