By Sam Schofield

During this lockdown I have taken up playing online chess (not very well I might add!)

It’s part something to do, part keeping my brain active and partly because I watched the Queens Gambit…

It’s a game famous for thinking ahead. Bad players think 1 move at a time, average players think 2/3/4 and grand masters think 20 or 30 moves ahead. You see, the longer term you can think the greater the chance of success. If you are only focused on making the best move, 1 move at a time, you will quickly lose.

This is just like when trying to lose weight. The more short term you think, the greater the odds of failing. We at Schofield Fitness tell all of our clients to think 20 moves ahead.

It’s not about week 1, 2 or 3  – it’s about year 1, 2 or 10.

Would you rather be a beginner or a grand master?