By Sam Schofield

Little bit of a confession from me…

A few days ago I decided to check my daily step count since lockdown

It… It wasn’t good. I hadn’t hit 10k steps on any day (truly dreadful I know!). Here is the issue though – if someone had asked me last month I would have said that I was walking enough!

My perception was that I was doing well… UNTIL I LOOKED AT THE STATS!

How often do we all do this?

  • “My diet is good but I’m not losing weight?”
  • “I train all the time!”
  • “I don’t drink that much…”

All based on feelings, but as soon as we start really looking at the stats we realise”
– We are actually operating without realising it
– We train often one week then not at all the next
– Monday to Thursday we don’t drink, then the weekends we have more than we thought…

It’s SO important to track your numbers. It could be calories, training days, steps, portions of veg, water intake…

For the record, since I realised this and started to track my steps, I’ve hit 10k every day.

Funny how that works.