Review by Whaheed Rojan, Round Table Dining

FISK, Harrogate – a chique, but cosy and may I add an independently owned local restaurant by Chef Patron Kanyana Williams. The restaurant has easy access on one level, making it wheel chair friendly… Excited was an under-statement,  I was looking forward to this night, I’d heard so many good things about Fisk that I actually wanted to experience it first-hand. Who needs to go travelling to South East Asia to experience an authentic and fresh street food scene when it’s right on your doorstep! There are a few European dishes also for those who do not want the Asian food experience.

We arrived at 6pm, all the Covid checks were in place (temperature, track and trace, sanitising and masks), the restaurant was 3/4’s full, which created a really good atmosphere.

We were met and guided to our table by Victoria who was to be our waitress for the evening – she was very knowledgable about the menu and explained about some of the flavours that go into the dishes. The restaurant is predominantly fish, hence its name FISK. However, there is a good selection of poultry, meat and vegetarian dishes too. Much thought and imagination has gone into putting together and implementing a well balanced menu.

I suspect that Victoria knew I was South African, she immediately recommended the Juno Sauvignon Blanc (£26) – talk about attention to detail! We opted for the a la carte menu which were small plates available from 12pm til 6pm, but the menu took us throughout the whole of Asia. Rebecca (my wife) went for the Cod tikka salad, with cucumber and yoghurt dressing (£12). Just the right amount of spice and that refreshing cucumber and yoghurt dressing balanced the dish out perfectly… I just had to taste.

I went for the Thai fillet of beef salad (£14.00) and was taken right into the street food scene in Thailand. Every mouthful just got better and better. It was packed with  flavour and the lime in the dressing really complimented the luxury of the beef fillet.

For my main course: I had Chilli crab with samphire (£19) and all I can say is, that my first bite and every other thereafter was absolutely fantastic. There was the right amount of chilli with the balance of turmeric. Samphire kept its texture of crispiness and then that soft scrambled egg – rich, spicy and indulgent is how I would describe it.

Rebecca had the Monk fish Masaman curry (£22) which would have been my second option. Masaman curry means Muslim curry in Thai, which relates to the Moors who left the recipe behind in South East Asia on their spice root.  I was looking for some fragrant spices of cinnamon stick, cumin, potatoes and that is exactly what I got. The fish was tender and the sauce was well-balanced. I couldn’t fault this dish even if I tried. Did I mentioned that we had it with fluffy Jasmine rice and the crispy onions on the top was a neat touch that also added more flavour.

Onto dessert… Who can resist a good chocolate fondont? Rebecca certainly wasn’t going to share hers with me,  but I did manage to get my spoon in whilst she wasn’t  looking. The warm, runny chocolate centre with caramel popcorn was to die for.  I went for the banofee pie and this was no ordinary banofee pie. It had salted caramel which just took it to the next level .

All this leaves me to say is if you want a good Pan Asian experience then FISK is the place to go. Thank you to Kanyana and her team for a fantastic evening, the food, the service and the atmosphere made a very memorable evening. I would like to say that the restaurant is disability friendly.

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