By Sarah Hancock

Half Term… Lovely lovely half term.

No rushing about in the morning, getting everyone dressed, teeth brushed, water bottles filled, one to school one to nursery, one to work, last week – I was in such a panic that I left my takeaway coffee cup on the roof of my car and drove to school – it was still there when I arrived at school (it’s only about 300m, don’t judge it was raining) It was the highlight of my week – I was so proud of a) my coffee cup for keeping my coffee safe and b) my excellent driving. My friend Rox however has just pointed how glorious it looks weather-wise next week – and how unglorious it is this, always the way. Still there are Pringles and Disney+

  1. It’s Saturday night – everyone is bathed and ready for bed, Strictly is on and I am – just a bit glum really – I really love Strictly and baths. But I just want to go out – not out out, just out for a meal with someone who doesn’t live in my house. To perhaps drink a few too many glasses of wine, to perhaps drink a few too many more and try and steal a cigarette off someone outside on the way home. I can’t wait for when my children are old enough to smoke and I can steal theirs…

What did cheer me up a teeny bit was the following combination. Sainsbury’s frozen garlic doughballs, (actually injected with the garlic butter instead of the disappointing dipping pot)and an Aperol Spritz (x 5).

Aperol Spritz x 5

1. I fell in love a couple of weeks ago and that hasn’t happened for a LONG time (Nick and I are celebrating 18 years of our first date right now) He was tall, dark and tough. Cool on the outside warm and toasty on the inside.He was a Thermos flask. Long have I thought that Thermos flasks were for people more organised than I, people who just put more thought into life in general (people like my brother in law) but – on a chilly visit to a playground, my friend Steph whipped out this bad boy and delivered us and our kids a delicious hot chocolate on a park bench and my god.It was utterly joyful. So I’ve now got my own, and life is good.

2. Walking socks, on a bit of a theme this week. But these socks aren’t made for walking – they are for putting on in lieu of slippers. They’re just a bit more supple I guess, so I now spring gazelle like from room to room instead of clumping about in my old slipps. Try.

3. Ultimate Girl Gang on Instagram. On the face it, she’d be VERY easy to dislike. A stunning blonde, living in an immaculately curated home with 4 adorable daughters and no visible job. BUT she is very funny, drinks pretty potent cocktails in the middle of the day when her children are being dicks, is so into Christmas and any kind of holiday -meaning she is cheery most of the time. Her account got me through some pretty low lockdown days. Look her up!

Stick on bats = win

4. Halloween 2020 – tips: Stick on bats, you get millions for £6 on amazon. Cocktails in tiny cauldrons. Glass jar with cotton wool balls in it and plastic spiders round the outside – glow stick in the middle – excellent decoration! Locking the doors staying in – watching Hocus Pocus on Disney + & eating all the sweets, Enjoy! x