By Simon Cotton, Managing Director at HRH Group

So, “Lockdown 2 – The Return of the Takeaway”, was released in a town near you from Thursday 5th November… now that’s easy to ‘remember’! Whilst it would be great to think this crazy world we live in was some kind of fictional film rather than real life, it may be worth thinking about the positive aspects of what we’re all going to have to endure over the next month. 

I’m sure there are many of us who’ll be thinking about what series they can binge on Netflix and catch up on episodes they’ve missed whilst ‘working hard’ recently.  Maybe a good blockbuster film is on your radar, or several even.  Certainly, the difference between this lockdown and the last one is almost guaranteed to be the great British weather, as whilst we all enjoyed some real cracking fine weather back in April and May, even a bit of a mini-heatwave if I recall correctly; with the clocks already turned back last week and the chilly wintery nights already here, I think the call of a duvet or snuggly blanket on the sofa in front of the fire, watching some of your favourite movies, will appeal to a lot of people in the weeks ahead. 

The great news is that many of Harrogate’s quick-thinking and entrepreneurial types have already sprung into action to ensure you’ve got some super takeaway options to make your night at the home movies a really easy one.  The Fat Badger takeaway is already up and running and ordering online is easy at The usual favourites are all on there so you can get a great burger or steak, along with pasta, pizzas, fish and so much more. 

One of our busiest days we anticipate is going to be Sunday as we do an excellent Sunday Roast with all the trimmings, which flew out the door during the last lockdown.  I know many of the other Indies in town will once again be stepping up to offer some great takeaway options too so keep an eye out for William & Vics, Orchid, Gianni’s and Major Toms who were amongst some of my favourites last time, as well as many others who would really love your support during Lockdown 2. 

Spending your money at local independent businesses in Harrogate ensures that money is reinvested back into our local economy, so, maybe another option to whileaway any spare time during November might be to have a look at your Christmas shopping lists and see which independent shops in Harrogate may be really grateful of your support, whether online, or after we come out of lockdown.

However you’re planning your weeks ahead in Lockdown, stay safe, be kind and hopefully you can treat yourself to a takeaway or two to help you get through until December!