By Sarah Hancock

Autumn! Isn’t it ace. So colourful! So crisp! Can legit put the heating on, start drinking and watching TV at 5 because it’s getting a little bit dark (obviously I don’t do that – because I’m responsible and too busy writing poetry and reading by the fireside with my children). But I love it – it reminds me of when I met my husband and when our daughter was born, and there are lots of sweets in the house in early anticipation of Halloween (even though it won’t be happening, it’s good to be prepared).

  1. We visited Nick’s mum this weekend and ventured through some ‘no access’ fields to access ‘the best sloes I’ve ever come across’ according to Mrs Hancock. So we loaded up, while Alf and Tab kept watch for the farmer. Tonight I have 5 litres of gin arriving to make into delicious syrupy, probably medicinal, sloe gin! Just got to wait 3 months for it to be ready….
  2. Also did a bit of WFH this week – I had a 2 & a half hour Zoom call about the WHS (very interestingly about golf handicaps) – an hour and 15 mins in (and none the wiser), I switched off my camera and cleaned my kitchen cupboards, man it was satisfying. I was also dressed impeccably for WFH thanks to my new incredible polar bear fleece, an H&M bargain. You do look a lot like a polar bear when it’s on – but crucially – you also FEEL like a polar bear. What better creature to channel on a cold day? Polar all the way.
  3. So after all the strenuous WFH and cleaning – I needed a nice lie down on the sofa in the evening in front of the TV – but what to watch? We’re both still mourning the end of Schitt’s Creek, bit too anxious to watch anything serious, much like M&S – the nice safe BBC came to the rescue. Love Life. Oh it’s good! Aside from the clumsy flashback cultural references, ‘I can’t believe the O.C isn’t on tonight’ (which actually I still enjoyed) it’s very clever and current and honestly – very cool of the BBC. It stars Anna Kendrick who also gets a lot of important looking credits at the end and charts her ‘love life’ in NYC. You’ll fall for Grant and Augie & the city with – to quote my friend Jules – ‘so much vice they named it twice’.
  4. The ultimate time wasting tool Instagram stole so many hours from my week this week. It’s too chilly to consider getting up on time now – snuggling down with the blue glow of my phone is much more inviting. Aside from being VERY heavily influenced by all the influencers – I lolled pretty hard at The Midult, counting down the hottest animated animals of all time. No mention of Mufasa or teenage (is that ok?) Simba. But fox Robin Hood was there – and one that had passed me by – Bambi’s Dad!

  5. New addition to everyone’s favourite, hugely overpriced but still buy them anyway, sweet dynasty….. Percy. Illegal rave day glow Percy! M&S got edgy.

Back next week x