By Sam Schofield

It’s the end of another lockdown week and I wanted to give you a juicy nugget to help you going into the weekend.

I want you to eat more food – NOT LESS!

Read that again…

Crazy thought I know, but stick with me here. First off let’s remember our goal is long-term weight loss. Next answer this question: How long could you eat 500 calories a day? What about 1000 calories a day? 1500? 2000?

500 a day is maybe a few days, 1000 maybe a few weeks, 1500+ a few months maybe longer.

And which do you think you would enjoy more?
Which do you think will have you feeling better?
Which would keep you healthier?
Keep your metabolism high?
Fuel your workouts?

This is exactly why our goal is to get you losing weight EATING AS MUCH FOOD AS YOU CAN! If you can lose weight eating and drinking your favourite stuff then why would you do it any other way. Just something to think about.

Have a good weekend!