By Nick Hancock

First things first… Welcome! Or I should probably say welcome back!

Thank you for following and finding us here at Your Harrogate.

If you know me or if you’ve ever listened to me, you’ll know I am a very bright and breezy kind of guy. I’m glass half full (normally Merlot if it’s your round!) and always try and find the positive in any situation. I have to say these ‘characteristics’ have come in rather handy during a global pandemic, major job change and continuing issues around premature ageing!

I’m telling you this stuff about positivity because that is what Your Harrogate is all about. The good news, the fun things, the lighter side of life. I want Your Harrogate to be like a friend to you who knows how to pick you up when you’re down.

Our aim is to be full of treats like winning an overnight stay at Grantley Hall or going for dinner at the Fat Badger. We’re full of offers too with some excellent half price deals for days out, overnight stays and meals out – and God knows we all deserve a few cheap thrills right now!

We’re also home to inspiring community stories from charity groups, schools and local people. On top of that, we’re the place to see what a fantastic job our brilliant local businesses are doing in extremely trying times. It’s not just the hotels and restaurants that we all know, it’s every kind of business, no matter how big or small.

You are very much a part of the family here, so feel free to share with me your GOOD NEWS at I would love to hear about your business, your charity or your school.

Thanks for reading!