By Sam Schofield, Schofield Fitness

We are 1 week into this lock down and here is the stark reality of things…

How the last 7 days has gone for you is likely to extrapolate over the course of the next month or 2. Put simply, if you have trained well and focused on your nutrition then this will likely continue and improve over the course of the lockdown.

However, if you haven’t… If you haven’t even managed 1 single workout yet, drank most evenings, had multiple takeaways already, snacking most evenings and just generally have been sedentary – then the reality is that without a severe shift in direction this is likely to continue until lockdown finishes.

So I invite you to take a look at that last 7 days and imagine if every week was like that for 2 months.

Where will you be come the end of lockdown?
Do you like that vision?
If no then what is going to change?
How are you going to implement these changes?
What has been missing from the last 7 days that you will need going forward?

Don’t just say “I’ll start a bit of running” – Go deeper. Be more prepared than that. Put more thought into creating an actual plan, because I can promise you this time will fly by!

Do you want to get to the end and regret doing nothing, putting on an extra stone and felling horrid? Or do you want to come out of this in the best shape of your life?

Choice is yours.