From London music teacher to Harrogate funeral director

Before becoming a funeral director with Full Circle in Harrogate, David Moon was a music teacher in South West London. He moved to Yorkshire with his wife and two young children to be closer to family. We caught up with him to find out more about his career change and discovered that there are more similarities between the two roles [...]

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This shocked me

By Sam Schofield Little bit of a confession from me... A few days ago I decided to check my daily step count since lockdown It... It wasn't good. I hadn't hit 10k steps on any day (truly dreadful I know!). Here is the issue though - if someone had asked me last month I would have said that I was [...]

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What has chess got to do with weight loss?

By Sam Schofield During this lockdown I have taken up playing online chess (not very well I might add!) It's part something to do, part keeping my brain active and partly because I watched the Queens Gambit... It's a game famous for thinking ahead. Bad players think 1 move at a time, average players think 2/3/4 and grand masters think [...]

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Change is hard

By Sam Schofield Here is something you already know - change is hard. It doesn't matter if it's adding a new habit or removing an old one, it's bloody difficult! The bigger that change, the shorter the period of time the harder it becomes. And this is why most diets fail (not for the reason you think either) - you [...]

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Are you making this costly mistake?

By Sam Schofield It's the end of another lockdown week and I wanted to give you a juicy nugget to help you going into the weekend. I want you to eat more food - NOT LESS! Read that again... Crazy thought I know, but stick with me here. First off let's remember our goal is long-term weight loss. Next answer [...]

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