Storm Darcy, AKA ‘The Beast from the East II’, has seen heavy snow showers and freezing temperatures across the Harrogate district – and it’s set to get even colder in the coming days.

Temperatures are expected to drop as low as -5°C overnight tonight (Tuesday 9th February) and again tomorrow.

Although the snow is expected to stop this afternoon, forecasters predict it will be back this weekend and at the start of next week as Storm Darcy continues to bury parts of the UK under heavy snowfall.

The Met Office yellow weather warning will also remain in place until midnight tomorrow (Wednesday).

‘The Beast from the East’ first brought adverse Winter weather back in February 2018, with most of Yorkshire covered in snow and experiencing low temperatures.

The new ‘Beast from the East II’, also known in the UK as Storm Darcy, is caused by Siberian winds blowing in from Russia resulting in similar adverse weather conditions.

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