North Yorkshire Police is warning people of the dangers of drink driving after the reopening of beer gardens yesterday (Monday 12th April).

Officers are expecting to see a surge in drink driving on North Yorkshire’s roads and has launched a new campaign to encourage people to make better choices.

Police will be encouraging use of public transport, designated driving and reports from the public in order to keep drink drivers at bay.

The force have said they’ll be on the lookout for anyone who is over the limit and will be breathalysing motorists.


Friends, family members and members of the public are also encouraged to use their local knowledge to stop drink drivers and save lives.

Roads Policing Sergeant Andrew Morton said:

“With pubs reopening, we’re expecting to see a surge in drink driving.

“After months of being stuck at home, it is only natural that people will want to go out and celebrate the latest step in the roadmap to ease Coronavirus restrictions.

“We’ll be out around the clock on the lookout for drink driving, so we urge people to enjoy their time in beer gardens safely. No drink is worth a fine, a ban, yours or even someone else’s life.

“It won’t be just this week – North Yorkshire Police are out all year round and are committed to targeting drink drivers and getting them off North Yorkshire’s roads. During the past year we’ve heard a lot about ‘heroes’ and this is your chance to be one; make the right call – be a hero, stay at zero.”

In 2020, officers arrested 871 people for drink driving – an average of more than 2 per day.

So far, in 2021 from 1st January to 31st March, there have been 136 arrests for drink driving offences, despite pubs being closed. Drink driving offences peak on weekends, with as many as 9 people arrested a day.

Sgt Morton urged anyone with information about drink or drug driving to phone North Yorkshire Police on 101, or if it’s happening now, call 999:

“We recognise the public’s efforts in supporting previous campaigns and once again encourage anyone with any information about a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs to contact us and let us know. It’s your call – call it in.”

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